Seinfeld Pigeon Agreement

Kramer stumbles on the set of the old Merv Griffin Show in a large dumpster on the street. George`s friend, Miranda, is horrified when George outperforms pigeons with his car. George thinks that pigeons and humans have a market (pigeons have to avoid each other when people approach, and people will miss the pigeon defecation) and that pigeons have broken this agreement. Jerry is fascinated by his new friend`s (Celia, played by Julia Pennington) vintage toy collection that doesn`t make him touch. Elaine`s new collaborator is a „Sidler“ called Lou: he moves silently behind people. He pushes Elaine to pour coffee over her jacket that creates a stain that resembles Fidel Castro (although George confuses him with Art Garfunkel). When I ride a bike, when there are some on my way, I rarely activate my brakes, because they always move out of my way. Almost always. I was near the parade and cycled down Argyle Road as I approached a herd of about six pigeons standing in the middle of the street. Five flew away when I was still a few meters away from them, the six hesitating. At the last moment, he flew to the parked cars, but I stuck the back end of the bird with my front wheel. The birds are surprisingly light and I didn`t feel any bump or vibration through the frame of the bike. I looked to the right in time to see the bird turn 180 degrees and hit the tire of a parked car.

Within seconds, he revolted, then flew away to join the other five birds. You say New Yorkers are a tough lot, but I think New York pigeons win the survival prize for a daily stream of cars, bicycles, dogs, pedestrians, and, of course, birds of prey.