According To Our Agreement Meaning

depending on the importance, it would be different. Although I understand both in written and oral communication, I find the former quite strange. I would never use it and I prefer the second strong, „after“. Compliance Encyclopedia Articles The percentage of compliance according to our definition ranged from 70% to 90%. Both sentences are possible, but their focus/meaning is a little different. Whether it is necessary to use it or after, it is the same as an archaic form or a general use. In some areas (for example. B right), it is more common to see by, so you could use it to set the tone as legal. The target volumes have been delineated in accordance with our institutional treatment protocol, in accordance with reports 50 and 62 of the International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements. We never use „after me“. Instead, use „In my opinion /I think/From my point of view/etc.“ People who want to appear important write according to Beher. People who are important write accordingly.

I understand that by an older and more formal version is after, so it is very common to deal with by in a very serious and formal written language, while as a result has become normal use. Modern American garner usage states that by means (1) „depends on“; (2) „as explained or reported by a person“; or (3) „in accordance with.“ It is relatively often used in contracts to communicate the latter of these meanings, as in „Any dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the procedures referred to in this Section 12.10.“ So there are 240 contracts filed last week on the SEC`s EDGAR system. Sometimes every sentence can be used, and there`s only a small difference in meaning.