Water Corporation Land Development Agreement

They are required to apply for south East Water `agreement` permission for any land development detailing all conditions relating to water supply, sewerage and/or recycled water. Requests are required for: A development agreement is a contractual agreement that details the role and responsibilities of all parties involved in the construction of South East Water`s sewer, water supply and recycled water. The developer is required to enter into a contract with South East Water. the application of the conditions for the construction of water, sanitation and/or recycling facilities for subdivision, development and/or individual land, and may include contribution fees. You can submit your factory application online via Property Connect. Verification forms Make sure you access our verification forms, as they must be used in relation to the development agreement documentation. Accredited Consultants and Contractors Our guideline for the development of drinking water watersheds provides advice and advice to all those who propose to carry out work in our drinking water basin. Here, we insert you through our rural development processes, the different application methods, the associated costs and costs, as well as the guidelines, manuals and documentation you need for the development of new lands and subdivisions. The payment of the headworks contribution is the responsibility of the owner at the time of development and generally applies, but not limited to: Busselton Water manages and maintains an extensive network of infrastructure that allows us to end the efficient water supply and respond to the continued growth of our municipality. If you plan to divide the land, we need to ensure that each of the newly created lots is maintained and that the infrastructure is sized accordingly to manage your subdivision. Read on to learn more about the application process Headworks contributions for water supply for subdivisions that create layers are based on the meter-based fee structure.