Grass Livery Agreement Template

The tasks that the owner of the painting site must perform are defined in Schedule 1. A list of examples is included in the model, but must be carefully checked and modified accordingly to reflect the service offered. This is an agreement for farm owners who provide a bulk box and basic facilities to allow an owner-client to take care of his horse. The type of laquising, the weekly rate and the type of billing, and here you should mention all the extras that are outside the daily terms of the contract This agreement is based on our standard paint agreement, but determines your reduced liability for the horse while it is located on your land. 5.1 This agreement is valid for the duration, subject to a previous termination in accordance with this Agreement. It is essential to know where you stand when you enter into a painting court agreement. A chord can be available in all different forms as a result of different types of paint (for example. B complete, part, DIY, etc.), facilities for sale, and shipyard conditions. A painting agreement must always be written before the horse is placed in a paint yard. The owner of a painting yard must indicate the safety provisions of a horse, while the owner must indicate all the personal requirements he needs for his horse in the agreement to ensure that no litigation is ongoing. However, it is interesting to note that, for all types of painting, the ultimate responsibility of the horse, while in the paint yard is at the owner`s paint court. Royalties and payments are covered in Schedule 3. The model provides for regular monthly fees as well as ad hoc payments for additional work.

This template can be edited for each court in order to match exactly how you do business. Although it is drawn to protect your interest as strongly as possible, we have thought about what your customers will think if you send it to them. Their owners will not worry about seeing a lawyer before signing. However, if you read it, you may decide to weaken some of the strictest proposals we have made. These paint agreements include variants for complete painting, where additional training and services could be offered, and for DIY painting, where the client is expected to have a practical involvement in the case of the horse. All documents are in plain English and can be presented to a client as your „conditions“ or be signed as a formal legal document. They are designed by a horse owner for life, so include things you can`t expect from a lawyer! 6.1 Any change in the terms of the contract is valid or binding, unless it is made by a prior written agreement between the shipyard and the owner. This agreement is suitable for a DIY painting. For complete painting, see this chord. 1.4 „In a functional painting,“ the horse will not be more than ……….

He worked. hours a day, and should not wear more than ……………. Kg. 1.1 The Court provides services efficiently and professionally at all times during the life of the horse, which meets the horse`s charitable needs, while exercising all the skills, care and care that can be expected from a competent and properly qualified paint farm.